ASURE Pembrooke Motor Lodge - Whangarei

ASURE Pembrooke Motor Lodge Whangarei - Sustainability Policy

We take very seriously our commitment to continually improve the environmental performance of our business operation, our sustainability policy which is to Reduce, Recycle, Reuse philosophy with regard to our business and waste policy and always looking to reduce waste to land fill by:

  • Recycling plastic, glass and paper and providing bins for use by our guests.
  • Diverting the majority of food scraps to our compost bin.
  • Using the resulting compost in our home vegetable garden.
  • Encourage, but not compelling guests to reuse towels.
  • Using cold water for all washing machines for motel and guests use.
  • Reducing energy use by using energy saving light bulbs where possible and to switch off televisions and fridges when units are not in use.
  • Establish a framework to record relevant measures, this includes water, gas and electricity consumption and waste produced.
  • Evaluation of suppliers products, services and business practices.
  • Current suppliers will be evaluated for their commitment to the environment and their ability to provide environmentally friendly products.
  • Giving where possible our surplus bedding and curtains to our local community workers for recycling to families in need.
  • Using soap dispensers to avoid the need for disposal of small plastic containers.

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